K–12 and Higher Ed

Illustrations need to be customized for their target audiences, and this is particularly true for educational illustrations. For children especially, they really need to capture the eye and engage the mind while clearly communicating a concept.

Many educational illustrations explain processes, such as how our immune system or a fuel cell works. Others may show anatomy – such as the lymph system or the human eye. Situational art often tells a story that helps clarify an idea, like a person observing a plane to help explain a concept in pre-calculus.

My educational illustrations have been used in textbooks on calculus, molecular cell biology and viruses, on educational websites, and in science and nature exhibits.

Agricultural Chemicals Illustration
Subject: Agricultural Chemicals | Client: H. Mitchell (Illustration for K12 Website)
Cobra Illustration
Subject: Cobra (Detail) | Client: Amaze Design (Exhibit Interactive for the Perot Museum of Nature & Science)
Robot Illustration
Subject: Robot | Client: H. Mitchell (Illustration for K12 Website)
Calculus Illustration of Woman Observing Plane
Subject: Observer | Client: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Immunoglobulin Diagram
Subject: Immunoglobulin | Client: W.H. Freeman
Illustration of Human Lymph System
Subject: The Human Lymph System | Client: W.H. Freeman